Brandy Meyer: Supporting LifePath because it helps people for a lifetime

Brandy Meyer: Supporting LifePath because it helps people for a lifetime

Brandy Meyer believes the proverb: give a person a fish, feed him for a day; teach a person to fish, feed him for a lifetime. 

That’s why she supports LifePath Christian Ministries. 

“LifePath helps people make better choices repetitively,” she says. “It changes their lives.” 

Helping the whole person 

Brandy has met people helped by LifePath and seen the transformation in their lives. 

“I’ve seen the impact on people’s relationship with God, their careers, and in life skills, from personal finance to healthy eating,” she says. “They help the whole person.” 

Brandy has also watched people LifePath has helped later work with the group to “pay it forward” by aiding others, thus helping the whole community. 

Having witnessed these changes in peoples’ lives, Brandy and her family donate to LifePath both monetarily and by giving clothes, movies, and video games to LifePath’s thrift stores. 

Individual, corporate support  

Brandy’s employer, Quality Digital Office Technology, asks its workers to give back to their community. The company supports LifePath’s work by donating funds, conducting food drives, and transporting donated food. 

“We’re a part of the community, and LifePath helps workers get the skills they need to fill the jobs local businesses have available. This helps both the people looking for work and businesses with jobs to fill,” Brandy says, noting LifePath now teaches computer skills. 

“As a company, we want to help people and organizations improve,” she says. 

She sees LifePath’s work as the way to make a difference. 

“Sometimes, people think they can’t make a difference, but the only way to transform a community is one life at a time,” Brandy says. “The more people LifePath helps, the more change we see.”