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Men's Shelter

We provide a holistic approach, aiming for spiritual, emotional, vocational, and physical health, with the ultimate goal of equipping men to flourish personally and in the community.

Your generosity makes it all possible. Thank you!

30-Day Shelter

Our 30-Day Shelter offers meals, beds, clothing, chapel, and supportive guidance to men 18 years and older. Medical and mental health services are also available.

Life Transformation Program

Our Life Transformation Program helps those who sincerely want to beat their addictions and begin anew. This work-oriented program includes counseling, teaching, Bible study, chapel, and social and recreational opportunities.

Individuals needing clothing, household items may come to the Men’s Shelter at 363 W. Market St.:

Fridays, 1-2 p.m.

For more information on our Men’s Shelter:

Men’s Shelter Director:

Chris Freet
Phone: 717.472.8890 ext. 1202