Brandy Meyer: Supporting LifePath because it helps people for a lifetime

Brandy Meyer: Supporting LifePath because it helps people for a lifetime
Brandy Meyer believes the proverb: give a person a fish, feed him for a day; teach a person to fish, feed him for a lifetime. 

That’s why she supports LifePath Christian Ministries. 

“LifePath helps people make better choices repetitively,” she says. “It changes their lives.”  Continue reading »

Almost 2,000 miles away, woman maintains a big heart for LifePath Christian Ministries

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You can take the girl out of York County, but in Linda Mosser’s case, you can’t take the desire to help her hometown. 

Linda, a York County native residing in Billings, Montana, has continued her financial support for LifePath Christian Ministries since moving away.  

“This is my way of helping my home,” she says. “I’ve seen LifePath transform people’s lives, and I believe in what LifePath does.”  Continue reading »

LifePath thrift store manager finds rewarding work in serving community

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Georgie Stephens has never sought after a job for the paycheck alone. She believes if she did she’d miss the most important thing about managing one of LifePath Christian Ministry’s three thrift stores.

Ultimately, it’s what drove her back to Pennsylvania after spending 23 years in Georgia: She was looking for a Christian-based job — a place where the company’s mission would align with her values. That’s when she found LifePath.

“So much about this job is rewarding,” she says. “What LifePath does for the community and people in need attracted me. Proceeds from our stores help LifePath continue and expand its services. I didn’t realize how many people need shelter, food, and clothing.” Continue reading »