“Thank you. You were generous and kind.”

"Thank you. You were generous and kind."

Your gifts to LifePath helped Kimberly through a difficult time in life! Facing homelessness after the loss of her husband, she found shelter . . . and the courage to begin again.

Kimberly’s husband was her whole world, especially once a chronic respiratory disease made him too weak to work, and later, too weak to stand. When he passed away in her arms, Kimberly realized she’d put her entire life on hold for four years to serve as his caregiver—no easy feat since she’s confined to a wheelchair.

Gone was her career as a bookkeeper, her network of family and friends . . . and their savings.

Although she was still grieving, Kimberly had to face some hard facts—fast. She didn’t have the money to pay for another month’s rent on their apartment, and she had no one else to turn to for help!

Her hands shook as she made the call to LifePath Christian Ministries. A kind voice on the other end of the line soon put Kimberly at ease, and she almost cried when she heard the words, “Yes! Absolutely we can help you!”

At LifePath, Kimberly experienced Christ’s mercy and love at every turn. There were good, hot, nutritious meals. A warm, clean bed. Bible studies and a chapel. She formed strong friendships with other women who were going through a difficult time in life. And she got the help and hope she needed to advance steadily toward regaining her independence.

Kimberly is very grateful for this year and for the caring friends and donors who are giving her a fresh start. “Thank you. You were generous and kind and took me in when I had no place else to go,” she says with a smile. “I appreciate the Bible studies, the roof over my head, the companionship. But I’m not one to depend on other people . . . I want to get out on my own again.”

Thank you for your prayers and partnership that are helping the hungry and hurting this winter, providing food and shelter along with the tools and encouragement they need to heal and rebuild!

Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you. —Ephesians 4:32 NIV

“If Not for LifePath, I’d Be Sleeping On the Streets”

LifePath focuses on mental health in new approach to addressing homelessness 4Homer was homeless for much of 2019, never knowing where his next meal would come from or whether he would have a warm place to stay during the frigid winter months. He was a Navy veteran but had no one left in his life to help him get back on his feet. Until one day, a friend offered him a place to stay in his apartment in York.

With nothing left to lose, he spent his last bit of money on a bus ticket from Texas to York. But what was meant to be a hope-filled opportunity turned into a hopeless and devastating reality.

Homer arrived in York with all his belongings in a single suitcase at an abandoned address. All phone calls to his future roommate went unanswered . . . no communication . . . no response.

Homer realized he truly had nowhere to go . . . no one else left to call . . . and no hope for new life remaining.

Aimlessly walking through the streets of York, a kind stranger found and directed a distraught Homer to LifePath. When he arrived, he struggled to express what had happened and how, suddenly, he was homeless again, now in a city he knew nothing about. Caring staff comforted him and offered a good hot meal, all the while assuring him that he could count on safe shelter until he found a job and got back on his feet again.

Just when all hope seemed lost, LifePath became a great comfort to a very frightened Homer during this difficult time. “I’ve never been in a shelter before,” he says. “I didn’t expect this to happen, and I was just happy I didn’t have to sleep on the streets.”

Homer says, “Everybody here has been nice. They’ve really helped me out.”


Homelessness can truly happen to anyone! But because of your generous support, people like Homer can receive food, shelter, and hope needed during their most difficult times in life. Please partner with LifePath again today to help people who are hungry and afraid get the help they urgently need.

Learn more about how you can help here.

Making An Impact for the Kingdom

Matthew Cassillo was the catalyst for Connections Church’s involvement in the Chapel Ministry at the Men’s Shelter. When he learned that Dan and Penny Allen were interested in Street Ministry, he invited them to minister to the guests who live and enjoy meals at LifePath.

Dan said that one of his initial concerns about serving at the shelter was, “What should I expect?“ It turned out that what he found was a very safe environment with friendly cooperative staff members nearby at all times. He said, “If you feel the Lord is calling you to street ministry, LifePath provides the perfect environment to begin. He also says, “It is all about relationships. We should remain humble and meet others where they are and minister to them from there.”
–II Tim 22:24-26 Gal 5

The Chapel Ministry holds gatherings in the early evenings, immediately following supper in the LifePath dining room. The Guests are not required to attend, but all are welcome.  Penny, Dan and Deana Cassillo offer Chapel two Fridays per month. They arrive around 3:30 p.m. to set up and begin playing music (guitars & tambourine) as Guests are arriving for supper. Some Guests stop in to chat on their way down the hall.

Most importantly, Dan said that they try to create a non-threatening atmosphere and develop relationships. This is their way of demonstrating the love of Jesus. At 4:45 p.m., after supper, they begin Chapel. The group in attendance may be 6-8 in number, or as many as 20.

They play music, then either Dan or Penny shares a message from the Gospel.  The goal is to give the Guests a chance to interact without feeling like they are being judged. Many Guests come back to participate in subsequent weeks after they give it a try.

When asked how the experience of sharing Chapel at LifePath had impacted him, Dan said “You don’t do it for the reward, but it’s so meaningful when you realize that the Holy Spirit has moved and that people have been changed. One man we met identified himself as an agnostic.  He was drawn to Penny’s 12-string guitar. She handed it to him to try it, and he said, ‘it’s been so long.’ After several interactions with others at LifePath, he accepted Christ. To be a part of that process makes us grateful that we are making an impact for the Kingdom!” Matthew and Deana were also grateful to be able to pray with the man to accept Christ.

“Anyone who is interested in Street Ministry,” says Dan, “should consider putting together a team to present a Chapel once or twice a month at LifePath. It’s approximately a 2-hour commitment.  You have the rest of your evening free afterward, and ministry training is not necessary. The chapel service can be formatted as a worship experience, as a Bible Study, or as a small group experience. The goal is to meet people where they are and share the love of Jesus. There is such a need for personal interaction with our struggling neighbors. I invite church groups to prayerfully consider this type of ministry. It’s a wonderful opportunity that LifePath is providing, and I promise that you will be uplifted by the experience.”

For more information, or to get involved, contact Micah Heckert (717) 845-7662, ext. 1208, or mheckert@lifepathyork.org.

Dallastown Thrift Store to Close


LifePath Christian Ministries will close the Dallastown Thrift Store, located at 33 E. Maple St., effective May 31, 2019. Dallastown will continue to be a key Donation Center for LifePath’s Thrift Store operations. That Donation Center is located at 18 E. Maple St.


According to LifePath CEO Matthew Carey, “Residents in the Dallastown area have been enormously generous over the years in their donations of clothing and household items. We are grateful for these supporters who continue to help the Ministry directly by giving their gently-used items. Our Thrift Stores are crucial as a funding source, supporting our Housing & Guest Services for those who are experiencing poverty and homelessness in York County. As we move forward,” he said, “we continue to evaluate all of our physical properties, fiscally and in terms of customer experience. Physical features such as floor space, lighting, parking, and accessibility have become part of our new model for the stores.”


LifePath Thrift will continue to serve those in need in the Dallastown/Red Lion Community through a partnership with local churches, called Corners of Your Field. Individuals needing assistance with clothing and household items can contact one of our partner churches to receive gift cards that can be used at our East York and Downtown York store locations. To view a listing of our partner churches, please visit our website at https://lifepathyork.org/thrift-stores/corners-of-your-field/.


LifePath’s other Thrift Stores are located at 283 W. Market St. in York City and at 2414 Eastern Blvd. in Springettsbury Township.

How Do We Use Your Donated Items?

At LifePath, people often ask us what we need!

LifePath moving Dover thrift store to Springettsbury to better customer experience 2So many caring community members know our work and our mission, and are passionate about helping those experiencing poverty and homelessness in our community. We feel privileged to be the beneficiary of support from these concerned, aware individuals.

They may know that in the 17401 zip code, over 37% of residents are below the poverty line, whether or not they are experiencing homelessness. Often, these individuals have to choose between paying the rent or buying groceries. Covering the electric bill or purchasing their prescription medications. Impossible choices.

At LifePath Christian Ministries, our mission is to step in when these impossible choices present themselves, and to meet people where they are, with housing and guest services to help with the necessities of life.

There are many ways to help:

  • We receive $0 in government funding, so we depend on private donations to pay for our entire operations budget. Our donors are our lifeline, and in more than 50 years of ministry (formerly as the York Rescue Mission), we have been blessed with the generosity of those who care about this mission. As little as $2.17 will pay for a meal in our cafeteria, where we serve 3 meals a day. In 2018, we served more than 180,000 meals. Donate HERE.
  • Volunteers also help keep LifePath going. In 2018, 912 volunteers worked 12,141 hours, serving in our cafeteria, working in our Thrift Stores, sorting books for our Book Sale fundraiser, and working at York Giving, our Thanksgiving meal box effort in cooperation with Catholic Harvest Food Pantry. Sign up to volunteer HERE and learn more about how to serve.
  • Material goods donations help LifePath in many ways:
    • There are items that we need in order to keep our operations going. Those items are so very crucial, and are always updated on our WISH LIST and posted on our website. You can be sure that your donations (or your organization’s collection) from this list will make a huge difference in the life of our Ministry. These items may be dropped off at 371 W. Market St. between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. Monday – Friday.
    • Our Voucher Program makes it possible for us to give clothing and household items to our guests who are in need. Guests may sign up for vouchers every Monday from 1-3 p.m. at 367 W. Market St. Vouchers are taken by the guest to our Thrift Stores, where they use them for clothing, furniture, and other necessary items.
    • Other donated items are sold at our Thrift Stores to directly pay for the work we are doing. Proceeds from sales there go toward our Meals Ministry, operation of our two Shelters, and to materials and instruction of classes in our Learning Center. Over 30% of our operating budget comes from these proceeds. It’s important to know that when you make a $20 purchase at one of our stores, your money pays for 10 meals in our cafeteria.

We couldn’t be more grateful for all of the ways that our community supports us at LifePath. Without you, we simply couldn’t keep our doors open.

We welcome your feedback and your questions. Please feel free to contact us anytime to learn more or to take a tour:

Dave Cook, Corporate & Community Engagement Manager: (717) 845-7662, ext. 1106, dcook@lifepathyork.org