The goal for each LifePath guest is to begin a journey of hope, and eventually experience a transformation for life. Thanks to your support, we see such stories unfolding every day.

Here are some of them ...

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Cornerstone Ice Cream Shop

LifePath Christian Ministries is excited to announce the opening of the  CornerStone Ice Cream Shop located at 101 N. Newberry Street. Cornerstone Ice Cream Shop will provide opportunities for... Read More
Lifepath Christian Ministries - Stories - Jessica

Meet Jessica

When Jessica first heard about the York Rescue Mission giving out Thanksgiving Food Boxes she didn’t think any more about it. After all she did have a job, in... Read More
Lifepath Christian Ministries - Stories

Meet Wenona

It was just one thing after another, after another, after another…When was it ever going to end? How was it going to end!? Wenona Taylor never had an easy... Read More
Lifepath Christian Ministries - Stories - George

Meet George

A patient man has great understanding, but a quick-tempered man displays folly. – Proverbs 14:29 NIV Born in York, PA on November 7th, 1935, George grew up in a... Read More