Cornerstone Ice Cream Shop

LifePath Christian Ministries is excited to announce the opening of the  CornerStone Ice Cream Shop located at 101 N. Newberry Street.

Cornerstone Ice Cream Shop will provide opportunities for job training and life skills training for its employees, who may also be receiving services from LifePath Christian Ministries or be involved in its youth program.

The shop will implement a pay-it-forward system to keep track of               individuals who purchase an ice cream cone for someone who might come in later and not be able to afford the purchase. The shop plans to reward youth who pick up trash or clean up in the neighborhood with a free cone. Also, students who show their student id and veterans who show their military id will receive 25% off of their purchase.

The ice cream shop is open on Tuesday through Saturday from 3:00 pm – 8:oo pm.

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