From Life on the Streets to LifePath

Jan 25, 2024 | News

“What I’m trying to do right now is get myself back on my feet again!”—Frank

Frank felt he had it all, but saw everything slip away. Isolated and homeless, he ended up living in his car on the streets of York . . . until God brought him safely to LifePath.

York has been Frank’s home since he was five months old. And in all those years, he’s loved this community, worked hard, cared for his family, even volunteered locally. “I used to be extremely active,” he says. “Involved in many organizations in the York area. I’m not anymore . . .”

That’s because after years of success, everything began crumbling around Frank: his marriage, his relationship with his son who he’d put through college, even his health. Finally, Frank’s beloved brother suffered two strokes, leading to onset dementia.

Depressed and angry, Frank closed himself off. “I was shutting down,” he admits, which ultimately cost him his job—and he couldn’t find another in this economy. “They’re not looking to take on a 62-year-old man who needs assistance walking,” he sighs.

The last straw? “I had to move out of my apartment because I was broke,” Frank shares. So, Frank faced sleeping outside: “You don’t want to go through that night after night,” he says. “There’s not one person right now who wants to be out there in the middle of the night.”

Instead, Frank chose to live in his car, day in and day out. But he didn’t feel safe sleeping in his car in parking lots, and he would end up driving all night—wearing himself out. He was desperate for some place to call home.

That was when a concerned local police officer found Frankand pointed him toward hope and a future at LifePath.

“I signed the agreement LifePath wants us to adhere to,” Frank says, “to get ourselves back on our feet. They do a very good job of assisting you and giving you that opportunity” while making sure you “have a roof over your head!”

Today, Frank’s taking the next steps toward a better, brighter 2024: “What I’m trying to do right now is get myself back on my feet again workwise,” he says, his confidence restored.

Frank explains how he’s being transformed by God’s grace, knowing it’s not LifePath’s “responsibility to take care of me: that has to be placed again on my shoulders, and it’s my job to take care of myself with the support they give—it’s fantastic”—thank you!

The strength Frank found through support like yours is not only helping him move past his heartbreaks, but it’s also healing his relationship with his songuiding him toward new life in the new year.

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