“I know I didn’t have peace. I called LifePath.” —Kimberly

Apr 2, 2024 | News

With no one to turn to, Kimberly listened to God’s call and came here, to LifePath and new friends like you.

Born and raised in Columbia, Kimberly has always loved our part of Pennsylvania, always called it home.

But life has been far from simple for her. In fact, her health was always a challenge, starting with “a bad car accident when I was only 22,” she recalls. And since that devastating turning point, “I’ve had two heart attacks—and six strokes.”

Yet somehow—maybe because of her remarkable survival against the odds—she’s always felt close to God. “He’s been with me a long time. I was 12 years old when I gave my life to Him,” she says. “He was always there for me.”

But as a woman with fragile health, alone in the world—with no home of her own, no way to afford an apartment with York’s soaring rents—she found space in the home of an elderly friend who was also fighting illness.

And though it was kinder than the streets, “I didn’t know where I’d stay safe. It’s really hard. I know I didn’t have peace. I called LifePath.

“When I called, they said, ‘Can you come over at 1:00 tomorrow?’ I said, ‘I can!

“He wanted me to go there,” Kimberly says, knowing God was speaking to her through a “gentle whisper” (1 Kings 19:12 NIV), guiding her to a place and to people who could help her find true life transformation in Him.

“When God moves you, you’ve got to move!”

If anyone stepping through our doors knows how difficult life can be—but how sufficient God is to meet our needs—it’s Kimberly. “You know, life isn’t perfect. You make mistakes all the time, but God?” He’s always there . . .

By His grace, Kimberly found a home here with us for four months—over the winter: “It was cold!” she shivers, humbled and grateful for the warm meals and warm bed provided by this family of friends like you.

And at the holidays, “They treat you good. They gave gifts. I cried,” she says. “I was crying.”

Now moving into transitional housing of her own with every chance of a strong, secure spring, Kimberly is thankful for hearts like yours: “Your help is doing good. It’s God’s anyway,” she smiles. “He provides. He gives so much to LifePath because they are good stewards.”

That’s the power of this partnership providing new life this resurrection season, and all year long! Thank you.

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