What Life Transformation Looks Like at Lifepath

Oct 24, 2023 | News

George’s inspiring story of true life transformation, by God’s grace, at LifePath: PART 2

I came into LifePath. They had the doors open!

“There were a lot of cops. It looked like Christmas Eve with all the lights,” George recalls about the night he hit a personal rock bottom—as he was arrested . . .

“I ended up going upstate for four years,” he says. “I was 20.

Those years were incredibly hard on George: “I served four years at State Pen,” he says. “Did two years on parole.”

And though he desperately wanted to get his life together, George continued to struggle, seeming to hit a brick wall, no matter which way he turned, “having a felony as a record,” he shares.

“At the time, there wasn’t really a second-chance program—and no one wanted to take felons in. It made it hard to work.”

Worse, “coming back home to the same places and same people, it was just a trap—and I fell right back into it: the heroin had its claws in me really deep. It was just a vicious cycle.”

But, by God’s grace, George discovered he wasn’t completely forgotten or alone: “My grandparents helped me,” he says. “Guided me by praying—a lot of Bibles came my way—and they were just hoping that I would find the path” . . .

A path that would lead him to come across compassionate
people like you, at LifePath Christian Ministries.

After years of abuse and neglect, George’s body also began to fail him: “I ended up having back and neck surgeries,” he says.

Finally, “In 2019, I was diagnosed with diabetes, and it’s really taken its toll. I wasn’t able to work and couldn’t afford my rent any longer . . . and that’s how I came to LifePath.”

The alternatives? Death—or continuing to try surviving on his own: “I was actually scared,” George says.

“I’d never been homeless. Didn’t know anything about that, didn’t know what I was going to do. Family’s gone, and I had no one I could rely on or turn to . . . and then I was on the streets.

So God brought him here: “I came into LifePath. They had the doors open!” George smiles in deepest thanks today.

“I met all the counselors here. I was determined and looking for help, which made their job really easy!”

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