Feb 27, 2023 | Blog

The last few years have been hard everywhere—especially for those struggling with health issues like Michael. His history of diabetes finally brought him to the point of desperately needing dialysis—three times a week . . .


Then Michael lost the roof over his head and found himself homeless—surviving in a borrowed van. “It was hard,” he admits. “Very hard.”


Still, Michael discovered a sort of strength in his circumstances, where being at rock bottom showed him the way up.


“It made me stronger because I didn’t want to be like that: ‘this isn’t me,’” Michael remembers thinking. Especially “with my health issues, I had to stay strong.”


Which is when he found the help—and hope—he needed at LifePath Christian Ministries!

Now receiving physical and emotional support at LifePath, Michael’s way back to a safer, healthier future becomes clearer as he grows stronger in his faith. “When I’m not working or doing dialysis, I attend the classes here,” Michael says.


“Another thing that keeps me strong is the staff,” he says, smiling. “If you need someone to talk to, they’re here to help out. Some have been in similar situations, and that helps because they know what you’re going through.”


“I’m grateful because without this place, there just wouldn’t be anything in this city for people like me struggling to get on their feet!”


Michael shares his gratitude with friends like you who make this ministry stronger. We truly have been better serving together as York’s rescue mission since 1962. Thanks and blessings for your support in changing lives!

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