Office volunteer finds her own way to contribute to LifePath’s mission

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Mary Ann Bull says her time spent at LifePath Christian Ministries is a rewarding experience.

Mary Ann Bull says she’s been blessed with a good life.

It’s partly why she’s been a volunteer at LifePath Christian Ministries for the past six years. She sees it as a way for her to give back.

“I get joy out of it,” she says, “knowing that I’m doing something to benefit people who really need help.” Continue reading »

At LifePath, more teaching, less preaching as ministry restructures lives through faith

While the Bible is at the core of the LifePath Christian Ministries program, it is in more of an academic sense, its program director says.

LifePath Christian Ministries has roots in the rescue mission movement – offering “soup, soap, salvation and shelter,” as program director Steve Brubaker notes.

“We’re still largely about those things,” he says. “I think our perspective on what resources we want to bring to our guests has changed a little bit. We wanted to get a little deeper, to kind of move from a preaching station to a relationship-based ministry.”

That’s done through a Bible-based program that helps men and women restructure their lives through faith. The program began with the Men’s Ministry and has been expanded to the Women’s and Children’s Shelter as well. Continue reading »

Giving back to York shelter brings life full circle for donor

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For Curtis Rook, donating to LifePath means bringing hope to those in need.

A few years ago, Curtis Rook was invited to a breakfast and tour at LifePath Christian Ministries Men’s Shelter. When the tour reached the room where the men slept, he stopped short.

“It was a ‘Wow, oh my gosh’ moment,” Curtis says.

He’d been where these men were. This room looked like a room he had stayed in 13 years earlier.

He knew he needed to help. Continue reading »

More than a shelter — women find support for the soul at LifePath

More than a shelter — women find support for the soul at LifePath 1

Women and Children’s Shelter helps women make long-term life changes while reconnecting them to community and God.

Each afternoon around 4:30, Tina Hildebrand looks around LifePath Christian Ministries Women and Children’s Shelter and smiles at the energy.

Kids are running off their pent-up energy, women are getting home from work, and Dexter, a fluffy little American Eskimo poodle mix who’s become the house dog, is weaving in and out of all the action.

Tina’s the director of Women and Family Ministry at LifePath, and her office door, which sits just inside the lobby, is always open.

It’s part of the warmth and compassion she brings to her work. She’s not separate or above the women staying at the shelter. It’s one small intention among many that makes LifePath unique. Continue reading »

Former LifePath resident wants to help others find God

Former LifePath resident wants to help others find God
Becky Rupp remembers the day she rang the doorbell at LifePath Christian Ministries Women and Children’s Shelter.

She’d just gotten out of rehab for drug and alcohol addiction.

It was the second time Becky had turned to LifePath for help, and the woman who opened the door, Pam Billet, recognized her.

“I’m so happy to see you!” Pam said.

Becky broke down, tears streaming down her face.

They went back to Pam’s office. For the better part of an hour, Becky cried. Together, they prayed for Becky and her two-year-old daughter.
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